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A Warm Welcome to Glamour Nails and Beauty Salon

At Glamour Nails, we care about quality therefore we use the best well-known products such as OPI, Artistic Nail Design, Creative Shellac, and other leading brands to offer you the best nail services and beauty treatments. We have a wide range of choices with more than 2000 nail polish, 1000 gel and 500 dipping gel colours to choose from. Are you looking for professional nail and beauty specialists who care for your nails and beauty. Look no further than Glamour Nails & Beauty in Letchworth. Our professional team will give you our top tips and advices and best suitable nail and beauty services for you.

Professional Nail Care

Natural Dipping Gel System

Full Set Dipping Gel Extension£35
Dip Gel Overlay£33
Biab gel or Builder gel overlay£33
Biab gel or Builder gel with tip£37
Gel on natural nails (or toes)£25 each
Take off before renewing Gel on natural nails, toes, Biab gel or Builder gel, Dipping gelExtra £3
Gel on top of any service would be an extra£8
Full-set acrylic Toe Extension£45
1 Big Toes Extension£5

Our Natural dipping gel system is a very popular choice at our salon as:
👉🏻 It looks natural
👉🏻 It’s strong, but feels light
👉🏻 It doesn’t require UV light to set
👉🏻 No chemical smell


Manicure (no gel)£25
Manicure with gel colour£32
Shape & Paint Normal Polish on hand or toes nails£15 each
Single Nail Repair£3- £5

Zenspa Pedicure

All our pedicures are carried out in a spa massage chair

Toes Polish£15
Pedicure with nomal colour (Spa massage chair)£32
Pedicure with gel colour (Spa massage chair)£40
Gel on Toes£25

Gel colours/Shellac/OPI & Artistic

Gel Nails, Shape & Polish£24
Gel Removal & New Colour£27
Gel Removal£10
Shellac on Top Any Service£8 extra

Nail Extensions

Gel Powder with Polish£32
Gel Powder with Shellac£40
Full set Acrylic with polish£32£25
Full set Acrylic with gel color£40£30
Full set Acrylic Permanent white tips£35
Full set Ombré Pink & White£40£30-£37
Pink & White Ombré£38-£40
Permanent White Tips£32
Take-off Gel or Dipping gel£12
Take off Shellac hand or toes£10 each
Take-off Acrylic£15
Design NailsFrom £5-£15
Take off before renewing the full set of AcrylicExtra £5

Refill Service

Acrylic Refill with Polish£21
Gel Powder Refill with Polish£24
Powder Gel Refill with shellac£32
Pink & White Ombré Refill£29-£35

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